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Everyday Maps for Everyday Use Tom Morton-Smith

Everyday Maps for Everyday Use

Tom Morton-Smith

Published August 27th 2013
ISBN : 9781849434416
96 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“I don’t think we’ll get to Mars… not really…not normal people. Scientists might… it’ll end up a scientific outpost like Antarctica… but it won’t be for people like you and me.”Maggie has found a warm patch of ground on Horsell Common. She believes something is buried in the dirt. This is the site of the Martian invasion in H G Wells The War of the Worlds and she sneaks out of the house in the dead of night and dances on the warm spot. Here she meets Behrooz, an amateur astronomer who spends his nights mapping the surface of Mars. Cartographer John is remapping the streets of Woking. Hes about to become a father and is terrified by the thought. He finds an ally in Corinne, Maggies mother - a woman struggling to keep her sex life separate and secret from her daughter. Kiph, who everyone thinks is gay, is madly in love with Maggie, his best-friend. He attends a book signing to meet his hero, Richard Bleakman - star of cult 80s sci-fi show John Carter of Mars. Richard has problems of his own. A stunning new play about fantasy and sexuality, and about the blurry and indistinct lines between reality and desire.