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Divided We Stand Kaitlyn Leyva

Divided We Stand

Kaitlyn Leyva

Published June 21st 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What do you believe in? How strong are your convictions? When the time comes to choose, to pick a side, will you cast aside your beliefs in order to live a secure life, even if it means you must conform to what they tell you? What will you do to survive? Ace knows that she will do anything to survive, anything to make it to tomorrow. Her family murdered, she is trying to survive alone in a country at war. First it is just a few restrictions and new laws to benefit the majority of society. Bring the lowly up and pull the upper down for balance and equality. But soon, they remove our rights and punish us for standing up for ourselves and what we believe in, what this great country was founded on. Where do you turn for protection when the government destroys everything you know and love? Ace survive through countless nightmares and tortures by looking out for only herself. By learning early on to trust no one. When she becomes involved with people that are fighting for something real, will she risk the discovery of her secret and join them or will she continue to protect only herself?