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Mamas Heart Mark Alders

Mamas Heart

Mark Alders

Published 2009
34 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is a very short story, but its so full of feelings, so intense that by the end of it you will wonder what hit you.Its the story of a gay man going through the discovery of his own sexuality and the heartaches of his love life. His Mama is there, going the journey with him. Shes not holding his hand, shes just letting him know she supports him and loves him. She uses roses as a reminder and a warning and a celebration of the phases of his sons life.Im crying right now just remembering the delicate voice of the narrator and the incredible sincerity in his telling and how he bares his soul to the reader, I cant stop crying.Its a true masterpiece, Id give ten stars if I could and if youre not moved by this, you have a heart of stone.Edited to add that: the books has a lot of funny moments and its written with a joyous lightness, its not hopeless, its a bit sad because you feel for the narrator as if he were a friend.