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The Therapists Touch: An Erotic Story for Women Evelyn Hunt

The Therapists Touch: An Erotic Story for Women

Evelyn Hunt

Kindle Edition
26 pages
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 About the Book 

Attention: The price of this collection of 8 Erotic Books for Women will increase to $3.99 soon!Yes, thats correct — right NOW you will gain instant download access (link to website given inside the book) to SEVEN additional great Erotica Books for Women — not related to this Erotic Short Story and not available for purchase anywhere — from seven different authors, so with the purchase of this book you will actually get Eight Books for the Price of One — quite the Collection of Womens Erotica, with plenty more to come!Courtney tensed as the pleasure flowed through her. It was her fantasy coming true and as she looked at the front of the therapist’s pants again the tenting of the material showed just how erect the cock below was getting. No hesitation she thought and reached out a hand to brush fingertips along the outline of the erection.- Book Synopsis -When a young woman injures her thigh during gymnastics her coach sets up a meeting with a therapist for her to get some treatment. When the good looking man touches her body though, she finds herself thinking about more than just being treated for her injury.Her anticipation builds on each visit until on one occasion she finds herself alone with him. It becomes obvious he has arranged it and when she sees how excited he gets at touching her she can’t hold back and lets him seduce her on the massage table...- End of Book Synopsis -Now please dont expect some table-thumping blockbuster that will end up unread and gathering dust on your virtual bookshelf – this is a sizzling erotic short story that will have you flipping over the pages in feverish anticipation.WARNING: This story is intended for ADULT female readers 18 years of age or older. It contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.